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The SBAT Group Ltd specializes in promoting, recruiting and employing school-based apprenticeship/traineeships (SBAT’s) in a range of industries. We are committed to providing students with the knowledge and experience to successfully create pathways to advance their educational outcomes and employment opportunities. We engage learners/students into part-time employment whilst gaining a nationally recognized qualification and developing generic employability skills across a broad range of industries. Our goal is to work collaboratively with local industries, schools, employer groups and apprenticeship support networks to address any skills gap shortages while increasing and creating a range of valuable employment pathways locally.

The SBAT Group was formed by merging The Service Crew Pty Ltd with Pathways Education and Training Pty Ltd into the one none for profit organization. We are now able to offer a broad range of programs/ traineeships and apprenticeships throughout Western and South Western Victoria.

The Service Crew and Pathways training have both been operating for well over 10 years each specializing in school based traineeship. Now we are The SBAT Group and have a very experienced and dedicated team that can give even greater opportunities to local youth, businesses  and schools while creating valuable career pathways.

We have two very experienced and Directors of The SBAT Group with over 50 years combined industry experience and knowledge.

Boris Duka – Managing Director with over 25 years industry, employment and training experience ( Previously the director and owner of – The Service Crew Pty Ltd)

Stuart Ferguson – Director with over 15  years industry, employment and training experience ( Previously the director and owner of  – Pathways Education and Training Pty Ltd)

We look forward creating, maintaining and increasing  a variety of valuable youth employment, training and career pathways in your local area in the future.

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